Harvard Business Review - What Is Strategy - Michael Porter

Ngày: 12-09-2014

Harvard Business Review - What Is Strategy - Michael Porter

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  1. Harvard Business Review - What Is Strategy - Michael Porter

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    Harvard Business Review - What Is Strategy - Michael Porter

  2. Harvard Business Review - Why Good Companies Go Bad

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    Many leading companies plummet from the pinnacle of success to the depths of failure when market conditions change. Because they’re paralyzed? To the contrary, because they engage in too much activity—activity of the wrong kind. Suffering from active inertia, they get stuck in their tried-and-true activities, even in the face of dramatic shifts in the  environment. Instead of digging themselves out of the hole, they dig themselves in deeper.

  3. Harvard Business School Press - Blue Ocean Strategy (2005)

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    THIS IS A BOOK about friendship, about loyalty, about believing in one another. It was because of that friend-ship, and that belief, that we set out on the journey to explore the ideas in this book and eventually came to write it.


  4. IDIOTS GUIDE - Complete Idiots Guide to Small Business

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    According to Statistics Canada, there are approximately two million Canadian businesses that employ fewer than twenty people. Collectively, these businesses contribute more than $50 billion to the economy.

  5. Inside The Guru Mind - Peter Drucker

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    The unexpected success or failure of the company or of its competitors is a sign that the assumptions behind the theory of a business are no longer valid.  For example, had GM paid attention to the success of Chrysler’s minivans, it might have realized that the market was changing and that its core competencies had become obsolete. GM could also have seized this opportunity early on by leveraging its expertise in light trucks.

  6. Insider's Guide to Trading the World's Stock Markets

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    The stock market is no longer a members only field game of stockbrokers playing the market.  Like so many other industries, the Internet has changed the market and the way we do business.  With the click of a button, the average individual now has access to the same information and facts that only stockbrokers were privy to a few years ago.  Gone are the days when market traders and specialists had the advantage of profiting from the ignorant public.